Research Initiatives
History of the Russian internet(s)
We study the history of the infrastructure, web, and online media by conducting field research in different Russian cities. Our attention to the variiety of Russian cities allows us to see alternative histories – unrealized opportunities or just local alternatives to the global understanding of development of the Internet. Furthermore, along with observing these histories, we understand how the rules and norms are constructed, on what the availability of the Internet actually depends, and what was the motivation of the creators of the first online projects. We convey the results of our research in the form of academic and public writings as well as in conference presentations.
Digital Disengagement
Most of research on disconnection, opt out and digital refusal up to date has taken place in English and in the western context. Together with the UK researcher Adi Kuntsman and her team, we explored the phenomenon of digital disengagement in Russia. Jointly, we have organised a "Digital Disengagement" section in the online school of Internet research which took place in March-May 2018. Currently, with the support of Moscow High School of Economics and Manchester Metropolitan University and its Research Centre for Applied Social Sciences, we are working on a comparative project of discources and practices of digital disengagement in the two countries.
The state and the internet
We are interested in understanding the meaning of these words for each other. Particularly, we are interested in exploring how state representatives think about the internet and envision its political consequences. Our primary goal here is advancing deliberate and illuminating discussions and battling excessive alarmism. In doing so, we organize round tables and engage in theoretical and empirical research.
Commercial Research Projects
"Novaya Gazeta" audience research
We observed how people read "Novaya Gazeta" – one of the most well-known newspapers in Russia – with special focus on critical political commentary and investigative reporting. The goal of this applied research project was to comprehend practices of its readers to promote better understanding of how people read news in "Novaya Gazeta".
Urban communities on social networks in Nizhny Novgorod
A study conducted in collaboration with HSE University (Nizhny Novgorod branch) and MEGA (part of IKEA group.)