The club for internet and society enthusiasts was founded in 2015. It was initiated by Polina Kolozaridi and Alexander Ilyin. That is how they comment on the club's origins:

"Back then we worked at Center for Internet and Society at New Economic School, Moscow. In February we visited Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. After spending a week in this intellectually fruitful environment, we have made a decision to found something similiar; our basic idea was that people need a space to initiate research, exchange drafts, and discuss texts together, rather than alone by themselves. At first we only had a room on Solyanka street and later we moved our regular meetings to Nekrasov Library".

In 2016 together with Evgeniya Suvorina we have organized the first conference. We managed to gather a wide variety of speakers with amazing topics. After such a pleasant experience we have decided to organize conferences each year from now on.

In 2016 Leonid Yuldashev joined the club and we have seriously engaged researching internet in Russian regions and organizing educational initiatives. We have made an online school, a research initiative as well as organized the second conference (even better than the previous one!) and published monthly news digest covering different topics concerning internet & society.

Here you can see a PPT presentation devoted to club's biennium.

From 2017 the club has launched its own research projects. We study internet and web history, (non-)participation in the digital sphere, the relationship between the internet and the state, YouTube culture, and many more. We also collaborate with our partners.

Moreover, club hosts regular seminars and readings. We also go to the movies and art exhibitions together that touch upon central themes of the club.
we are the club
Polina Kolozaridi
internet researcher, co-founder and coordinator of the club
Lenya Yuldashev
internet researcher and producer, coordinator of the club
Konstantin Gabov
field researcher, sociologist
Mikhail Yakubov
tells the story of Runet from his own experience, likes to build from numbers, interests in how communities live in these buildings, helps companies to make machines perform a boring work
Anya Shchetvina
internet researcher and coordinator of the club, is interested in web history, digital disengagement and creative user practices of different kinds
Оксана Дорофеева
sociologist, is interested in parents' forums and anonimity online.
Olga Dovbysh
media researcher, is interested in regional media markets
Alexandra Keidiya
social science researcher from St.Petersburg
Alexander Souslov
field researcher of vloggers and streamers and video game designer.
and others
we are sure this this list is never complete
our partners