Club for internet and society enthusiasts is an informal network of researchers who are interested in the internet as social and cultural phenomenon. We use the word "researchers" in a broad sense: we mean scholars, business research specialists, artists, journalists, IT-specialists and other people who try to understand the relationships between our society and the internet.

Since 2015 we have been organising seminars, reading sessions, conferences, online schools, research initiatives and artistic research projects. We collaborate with universities, journals, companies, NGO and museums in different parts of Russia and beyond. Our key aim is to support qualitative studies of the internet as an interdisciplinary field in Russia.
What we do

We study:
— internet history in different Russian regions
— youtube-bloggers and expertise construction
— online-communities for parents
— discourses and imaginaries of the internet
— Soviet influences on the nowaday's internet and it's metaphors
—history and vernacular creativity of the early Russian Web
—qualitative methods for studying web archives, curation strategies

In 2017 and 2018 we have organised two online schools on qualitative methods in internet studies, internet history, discourses about the internet, digital disengagement and other topics [1], [2].

In 2018 we have translated and localised an online-course Why we post about social media around the world.

Since 2016 each year we hold an international conference Internet Beyond with a variety of formats and speakers. Each year we search for new ways of making our conference an event for learning and networking.

Once in two weeks we arrange seminars or reading sessions in Moscow, offline or online.
blog & digest

In 2017−2018, we have been monthly publishing a  digest on the Internet studies. You can read the archive here (rus).

And now we have a telegram blog (rus). We write about books, articles, conferences, research and art projects.