FAQ: How to write your proposal?
The proposal should include:
  • Chosen approach description: theoretical framework, methodology of the study, the expert approach, ideological objective or an artistic concept;
  • Purpose and problem of the study;
  • Brief description of the work itself: what you have investigated, what was the main source for the material;
  • The results or their absence.

You may also add:
  • the hypothesis and what have happened with it: have you proved it/ rejected it;
  • Who have investigated this theme before you and why it is not enough;
  • What are the themes that you would like to discuss apart from the results (for example: methodology, further research, the problem).

What you should avoid in your proposal:
  • introduction on rapidly changing world at the age of technologies, the thematic justification is about something different;
  • long compositions on theoretical basis and aspects of the methodological framework;
  • findings instead of questions;
  • questions instead of findings.
Please keep in mind that you will have only 15 minutes for the presentation. It includes your talk and questions from the audience afterwards.

The proposals where there is nothing on main findings and author's own approach, do not accept for review.